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Identify and resolve the root cause

Do you want to get to the bottom of your health symptoms and have lasting results? Then you have to address the cause.


At The Natural Health & Allergy Clinic, Naturopath Rachel McAuslin (BHSc Comp.Med) works back from your symptoms to identify and resolve the cause.


Some contributing factors to poor health:

  • toxins – heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides. if you’re living and breathing – you have these in your system
  • infection – parasites, candida overgrowth, bacterial, fungal, viral
  • allergies – food or airborne
  • diet – you’re eating foods that are working against you, not for you – one man’s medicine is another man’s poison.
  • stress – emotional and physical

Your detoxifying systems may be sluggish, adrenals tired, your immune system overburdened, or one or more of your organs may be in less than optimal shape, each affecting your ability to cope with these factors.


Allergy symptoms – Rachel has a unique method called NAET that helps to identify the possible cause of your allergy symptoms. The treatment part of NAET involves strengthening your body against these substances.


Potential allergens include:

  • pollens
  • grasses
  • dust & dust mites
  • moulds
  • fungus
  • foods
  • pets & more…


Rachel uses a combination of NAET & QRA to get to the bottom of your health concerns.




At The Natural Health & Allergy Clinic we use NAET and QRA to get to the bottom of your symptoms. It is painless and suitable for all ages.


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