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Rachel McAuslin

Naturopath Auckland.

BHSc (comp med); Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy; Diploma of Herbal Medicine; Diploma of Nutrition; Functional Medicine Practitioner; NAET and QRA qualified. 

Rachel trained in Australia at Sydney’s Nature Care College and Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. After seeing amazing results working with NAET and naturopathy, she returned to Auckland in 2007 to set up The Natural Health & Allergy Clinic.

How she works

Using a combination of NAET and QRA and functional testing where required, Rachel can find where your symptoms are stemming from and what your body needs to correct these problems. Rachel works with the external factors that are affecting your health while optimising your body internally to best cope with these factors, as the body’s systems are connected and we can’t comprehensively consider one without the other.

Symptoms addressed from every angle not only has the potential to return to wellbeing but also to prevent these health concerns from recurring.

Rachel has experience in treating a wide range of health conditions such as fatigue, headaches, any and all kinds of digestive problems, hormonal issues, mood issues, allergies and intolerances, a lowered immune system, recurring infections, skin complaints, hives, eczema and more.

Rachel is known for her ability to get to the underlying issues by asking all the right questions. “If I wasn’t a naturopath I’d be a detective”.  She believes that given the right nutrients and support, the body can correct itself and lead you into a place of health and vitality.

What her customers are saying

“Early last year I was wanting to see a naturopath and Rachel was recommended to me from someone I spoke to at a health shop. I can safely say that Rachel has changed my life. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has given up hope, or feels that their condition is with them for life.”
Simone Horrobin – Auckland

“I’m really thrilled with how I’m feeling after my treatments with Rachel. I have a new lease on life. I feel great!”
Margaret Kivell – Auckland

“Just to say thank you for your time and expertise over the last two weeks – I’m so grateful for your assistance. My worst nightmare would be that you were not available when I needed help!!”
Lorraine Free – Auckland

“Before I met Rachel I suffered a range of ailments that severely impacted my life.  I read that other people had been helped by this method of treatment so decided to give it a try.
I found Rachel to be exceptional in her willingness to listen carefully to any symptoms or concerns I had and she was able to narrow down the things that were upsetting me and treat me for these issues.
I am so grateful to have found Rachel because she has helped me so much toward a greatly improved quality of life.”
Anette Tomlinson – Auckland
My son has seen Rachel since he was an unhappy baby with many allergies and intolerences. This was extremely challenging for all of us. Since having treatment our lives have all changed and we now have a happy healthy little boy who is thriving . We will be forever grateful for Rachel who not only helped us but listened when no one else would.
Sarah Maxwell – Auckland