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Could it be Mould Toxicity?

As someone who sees a lot of people with allergy symptoms, I wanted to talk a bit about a prevalent issue that I’ve have been seeing a lot of lately: mould toxicity.

It’s a condition that can manifest with various symptoms and often leave people puzzled at what is actually going on with them, because everything just feel worse. New symptoms have developed, old symptoms have flared, or you just can’t tell if you have an allergy or a cold.

Some of the symptoms that you might experience when mould is an issue are headaches, runny nose, blocked sinuses, itchy watery or sore eyes, and persistent brain fog. Additionally, sore joints and aggravated digestive symptoms particularly in cases with an underlying candida overgrowth, have become more pronounced. As these symptoms significantly impact your quality of life, it’s really important to address the root cause.

One of the primary steps in managing mould toxicity is to identify and eliminate the source. Mould thrives in damp and poorly ventilated environments (think lots of rain and winter time), so improving ventilation, using dehumidifiers and getting sun into your home wherever you can, can help minimise its growth. By reducing the moisture levels in your home and work space, you can create an inhospitable environment and mould cannot flourish there.

In some cases, additional interventions may be necessary. This could include internal work such as addressing gut health – where I would use herbs and binders (which bind to and aid in the safe removal of toxins via the gut), provide immune and lung support is also necessary and I use a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals to do this. If candida is an issue we really want to work on this to support your tolerance to mould if you’re ever around it.

Early detection and intervention are crucial in managing mould toxicity effectively, and it’s also important to remember that sometimes we can’t see the mould in our environment.

If you or someone you know is struggling with persistent symptoms that could potentially be linked to mould, please feel free to reach out, or you can book in for a consult here either online or in person.