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Change of season

Change of season allergies

& inflammation

With the change of season now upon us not only do the lurgies start but so do the seasonal allergies. Some people's allergies get worse at the change of season and some only have them at this time. Either way it's the drop or rise in temperature and/or himidity that does this. Our environment such as pollens and grasses is also changing and these things contribute to inflammation of the mucous membranes. We want to help support the natural anti-inflammatory response by avoiding inflammatory foods and loading up on anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Inflammatory foods
    • sugar 
    • animal products
    • alcohol
    • wheat
    • dairy
    • vegetable oils & margarines
    • processed foods

  • Anti-inflammatory foods & supplements
    • fresh fruit/berries & vegetables
    • nuts & seeds
    • leafy greens
    • good oils – DHA/EPA
    • enzymes such as those found in pineapple are also great for allergies, excessive mucous and inflammation
    • tumeric / curcumin
    • ginger
    • alpha lipoic acid
    • antioxidants - glutathione, resveratrol
    • vitamin E

Really though, the most important thing is to find out where your inflammation is coming from and address this, otherwise it's two steps forward and one step back. All the time! Remove dietary irritants, address physical and emotional stresses, address allergies, eat clean, drink clean, sleep clean, treat low grade infections and find ways to get happy.

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