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What is a naturopath & why choose naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a natural approach to health, using herbal medicine, nutrition, diet & lifestyle modifications to support your bodies innate ability to heal.

Naturopaths ask a variety of questions to get the information we need to help you best. We take a thorough case history including familial health patterns, your medical history, your diet and lifestyle and anything else relevant. We treat holistically which means we look at you as the whole person that you are – made up of body systems, genetics, hormones, organs and emotions. Our consults are long and they are all about you.

We identify the cause of your symptoms and correcting this means that every symptom coming from this has the potential to also be corrected. It makes sense to treat this way, it's long term and it's supportive.

We have a variety of functional testing when more information is needed.

We provide you with clarity on why you are experiencing the health concerns that you are. Knowledge is power and we give you the power so that you can maintain your new level of well-being. We understand that 'life' happens so if new things appear or old things reappear we are here for you when you need that 'booster'.

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